You might be wondering who I am and what`s given me the authority to create this system of meditations.

My name is Christopher Macor and I`m 62 years old. When I was 17 and just starting college I made a vow to myself to meditate every morning. On the 3rd morning a pastoral scene passed before my mind`s eye. I recognized that for me, this experience was what I knew to be God. Immediately a vertical pole ( something like Jack`s beanstalk ) appeared and I began climbing. A tingling arose at the base of my spine. But as soon as I directed my attention to it, it disappeared. I had a sense that the tingling arose because I was climbing. I returned my focus to the pole and the tingling began again. I ignored it and concentrated on going upwards. I felt myself moving through layers and layers of consciousness and the tingling expanded into a swell of blissful energy. I continued climbing and the swell moved up in to my sexual chakra and I felt myself about to have an orgasm. But I kept climbing. The swell moved into my stomach and ecstatically spilled into my heart. I knew that I existed beyond my body. A much deeper experience of God had been given to me. I was in a state of bliss for several days and to say the least, this experience was a huge confirmation about the power of meditation.

Through the years I have meditated in numerous traditions and explored many metaphysical systems. One of these is the Enneagram. After attempting to use several different structures to contain the truth that I wanted to share, I had an experience at the Colorado Shoshone Yoga retreat center in the fall of 2014. Early one morning while chanting with a group in a beautiful temple, this method I now share with you laid itself out on the nine points of the Enneagram. After two years of development and refinement, these meditations are what I bring to you today.