The enneagram is a container for chaos, for the universe, for wholeness. It is a way to navigate in a living system. For this reason POISE is in flux. I, Christopher  Macor, am in a process of discovering the best pathway, configuration, approach,  to enlightenment or evolution for me. I am  doing this paying attention to the archetypes of the universe and how they correlate to the Enneagram. There are conflicts and dichotomies. My ability to hold the structure loosely while still maintaining intention allows my discoveries to be alive and pragmatic simultaneously.

             I realize that how people interpret what I find is open ended. On one hand some may follow it very strictly, in a sense making a religion of it. Others might consider it blasphemy. Still others, may be inspired to extrapolate and even use the Enneagram to realize their own content entirely. These interpretations are all ok. One person's truth may not be another person's truth but it will inspire others to find their own truth.