POISE has transformed my mind and heart, my body and my thoughts, in a way that empowers me to make needed shifts with gentleness and ease. A trained and gifted teacher, Christopher Macor and has developed the POISE system over a lifetime, testing every nuance to ensure it works before sharing it with others. As a lifetime student of personal transformation, I’ve been tickled to discover in POISE that my own body, when given the opportunity, has just the tips I need and shares them with wit and humor. Also, I tend to fall asleep ( POISE can be done lying down ) for a few hours and then wake. Running through POISE offers me an opportunity to meditate and dose off and on in the most loving way while learning what I most need to apply the next day to achieve my goals and wishes. I have been astonished at how POISE has helped me and continues to help me since my very first forays into learning it. I look forward to deepening my knowledge!

Sara Wright



I have been practicing poise for about 12 weeks. It is a complex meditation based on the Enneagram. It is a complete meditation that addresses body, heart, mind, our inner senses, the nervous system, breath and dimensions of our selves outside of our bodies. I find it helpful in clearing energy, restoring balance and getting insights about myself. I recommend this meditation for anyone looking for a practice to balance and rejuvenate.

Phil Cerdorian


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