WHAT ARE TORSION TOPs? Torsion Tops ( TTs) are a manifestation tool that utilizes the principle of counter-rotating fields, a phenomenon found throughout the universe all the way from the black hole at the center of creation to the atoms inside your body.

HOW DO TT WORK? Counter-rotating fields, purported to have been use by the Alantian civilization, the Nazis and Tesla among many others, exhibit the properties of infinite energy, anti-gravity and time travel. Essentially, time and space break down in the zone that`s created between two counter-rotating fields.

HOW DO I USE TTs? It`s simple. On a small piece of paper ( about the size of a business card ) write down something you would like to have happen. I like to use empowering questions such as “ How am I receiving more than enough money?” This form of affirmation allows for the universe to decided how it will give me what I want.

Place the card on a table or floor and simultaneously spin the tops in opposite directions, one on each side of the card ( it might take a little practice to spin both evenly ). Focus your attention on the question and the spinning tops until they have come to rest. Now go through your life noticing any occurrences that may be responses to the intention on your card. Practice TTs when ever you feel dissatisfaction or a yearning for something more!

Happy Manifesting!