What do we mean by evolution?

Evolution is an arc starting from the most essential and subjective, moving towards increasing complexity and objectivity and back to that unified oneness once again. Along the way many polarities are encountered, embraced and resolved. There is a progression from beingness to doingness and back to beingness again. Perhaps one of the simplest ways to describe it is the famous adage, “ Once there is a mountain, then there is no mountain and then there is. “ The evolution of a human being is in particular a journey through the individual, the collective and then the universal. First there is the individual, the individual expands into the collective, then dissolves into the universal and then returns to the individual with this universality. The Zen Oxherding pictures depict it rather well.

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POISE creates this arc in one's life in a conscious, considerate and consistent way.

The benefits of POISE are

1. Multilevel consciousness
2. Being able to see the part in the whole
3. A system that holds you to the fire but allows you to progress at your own pace.
4. A balance of the feminine/masculine, emotional/mental/physical, and the subjective/objective
5. Creative expression enhanced
6. Develop the ability to manifest your vision
7. Find your way of serving in the world



A FREE introductory POISE class will be held on Dec. 16th at 3pm. This class is taught by Christopher Macor the designer of POISE and will be held in his home at 4435 Driftwood Pl. Boulder, 80301.

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Looking forward to sharing this journey with you,